Latest trends in software development

How to create excellent software?

Today there are a considerable number of websites and mobile applications, so it is challenging to stay competitive. If you are planning to develop such software, you must familiarize yourself with the latest trends. SECL Group has an excellent team of experts who can create software your users will love and help your business grow successfully.

Latest trends in software development

If you want users to like your software, you must follow the latest trends. Today we want to discuss them in more detail.

Security of personal data

Today, many users seek to protect their data to ensure they do not fall into third parties. The most reliable way to store such information is to use SSL encryption.

Recently, software developers have been paying attention to cybersecurity. The better protection you can set up, the better.

Cloud storage

For software to function, it needs large amounts of memory. Buying or renting servers is expensive, so many today prefer cloud storage. It allows apps and websites to run more consistently, store unlimited amounts of information, and make code changes quickly and easily if bugs occur. Currently, most types of software use this type of storage since such a solution has many advantages.

Artificial intelligence

If earlier artificial intelligence was perceived as science fiction, it has proven its effectiveness today. Thanks to this technology, your software will be able to guess your customer’s needs and provide the best services and products.

In addition, to make it work as correctly as possible, you can use machine learning. Then your product will constantly improve, which means it will remain competitive.

Big Data

For your software to work correctly, it must store and process large amounts of information. BIG appeared relatively recently but gradually began to enjoy great popularity. It is assumed that by 2025 this market will be $250 billion and continue to snowball.


Previously, the most popular programming languages ​​were JavaScript and C ++. However, Python is gradually taking their place. It is because it is more versatile and much easier to learn. Thanks to this programming language, you can create almost any software.

IoT Development

Interest in IoT is growing at a tremendous rate. They proved to be especially useful during the Covid-19 pandemic when they became widely used in healthcare. Such devices have become widely used to monitor the condition of patients who are not subject to hospitalization.

However, today IoTs are used not only in healthcare but also in other industries; for example, a smart home can reduce electricity consumption or codes; various sensors monitor water and air quality, and smart traffic lights will help solve problems with traffic jams.


Software development is a highly complex process that involves the work of a large team of specialists. Keeping many specialists in the state is very expensive, so many tend to use outsourcing. It allows not only to reduce the cost of software development but also to speed up this process.

Usually, as outsourcing services, users order design development, testing, or code cleanup.

Distant work

Many IT companies prefer to work remotely because this allows them to minimize office maintenance costs, attract more specialists, and work in better conditions.

So, it does not matter where the customer or contractor is located; all issues can be resolved remotely (by phone, video chat, or by correspondence).

What software is considered quality?

Today, there are a considerable number of sites and mobile applications on the market that users do not like and therefore do not bring profit to their owners. If you want to create a good brand and software that your potential users will love, your website or mobile app must meet the following requirements:

  • Good interface;
  • Rich functionality;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Full testing;
  • Adaptation for mobile devices and much more.

If you want users to like your interface, we recommend that you seek the help of a UX / UI designer. This specialist knows what interface your users will like and what fonts, colors, and content should be used.

It is crucial that users can quickly and easily find the product or service they need. No one wants to waste time looking for the right product, so any page should be three clicks away.

Your site must be not only beautiful but also useful for users. It should perform certain functions, which depend on the characteristics of your company. Please find out what features your competitors offer and think about how you can offer your customers something similar or better. So, if you sell goods, it is essential that the client can immediately pay for them and receive a full consultation. It will also be good if the system offers you similar products or products that are usually ordered along with this product. It will help increase sales and service quality.

More than 60% of your customers use the product through a smartphone, so your site must have a mobile version or a separate mobile application. It will improve the quality of service and create a sustainable brand.

In the end

SECL has a large team of professionals who can realize any of your ideas. Thanks to such cooperation, you will get a good website or mobile application that will allow your business to develop and increase profit.

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